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*Casino Software

The Academy of Gamblers, "The Blackjack Course"
  PocketPC / Windows
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AOG-BLACKJACK is introduced in "WindowsCE FAN"!(4/5/2004 Japan)
AOG-BLACKJACK is introduced in "Vector"!(12/6/2003 Japan)

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I want to learn Blackjack from scratch! For your Las Vegas trip!
I want to learn Basic Strategy! I want to practice Basic Counting!

-Not for Winning in Blackjack, but for Losing as less as possible-
This software is educational software to learn blackjack, a popular casino game, from scratch. When you play blackjack in a real casino, you can make a big difference with the basic knowledge and skills of blackjack. This software is made for you to learn the importance of the basics and play as long as possible in a casino; not for you to win in blackjack
-For the effective learning of Blackjack by repeating lessons and practices-
This software consists of "the General Course" and "the Professional Course". In the General Course, you can learn a general description of what blackjack is and the basic strategy. In the Professional Course, you can learn the basic counting as an advanced skill. When you finish the General Course, you can move on to the Professional Course. Each course offers you several lessons for learning and practicing, and a graduation exam to finish.

Screen images of AOG-BLACKJACK for Windows

The Menu of the General Course


Real game play experience by dragging a mouse!

Game-type practices for each lesson
(An image for the Basic Strategy practice)

The Menu of the Professional Course

Practices for Basic Counting!

Finishing "the Professional Course" offered by this software doesn't guarantee you can be a professional blackjack player.

System Requirements
<Windows> <PocketPC>
Resolution:640x480 or higher
System:PocketPC2000, PocketPC2002
CPU:Arm, Mips, SH3
Resolution:240x320 or higher

Shareware: $20.00
*Free use of the Lesson 1 to 3 of "the General Course".
*A purchase of either PocketPC version or Windows version enables you to use the other one with the same license key.

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Version History
<Version 1.2 for Pocket Edition> [05/28/2004]
  • Version1.2 Release
    <Version 1.1 for Win Edition> [04/16/2004]
  • Version1.1 Release

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    <Win Edition> <Pocket Edition>
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