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*iPhone/iPod touch App

Gamble Memo
  iPhone/iPod touch

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"Gamble Memo" is the general gamble balance management application that can manage the balance of every gamble.

Gamble Kinds:horse racing, boat racing, cycle racing, auto racing, pachinko, slot, toto, casino, stocks, lottery(add, change, delete freely)

Gamble Memos:location, weather, breakfast, lunch, dinner, accessory, underwear, tops, bottoms, shoes(change freely)

* Balances
Registration of the balance information(A date, gamble kind, a bet, money of refund, a memo)
A list of balances according to the year
The details of the balance information, editing(nine starts, six basic labels, photograph, setting memo ten kinds)
* Statistics
The indication of the statistics result(bet, balance, rate by the condition and group)
The term and group:All periods, year, quarter, month, week, day of the week, nine starts, six basic labels, gamble kind, setting memo1-10
* Tools
CSV data export
CSV data import
* Settings
Nine Stars and Six Basic Labels, display or non-display
An add, change, delete of the gamble kind
The editing of the setting memo
Currency setting:A sign, a decimal place

Screen images of GambleMemo for iPhone/iPod touch

List of balances

Add balance

Statistics results

Statistics conditions


CSV Data Import



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Version information
Version 1.2[2013.2.24]
*I revise malfunction at the time of the Japanese calendar setting.
*I make modifications to choose all / this year / last year / period with statistics screen.
*It supports iPad.
*It supports 4 inches of displays.

Version 1.1[2010.12.16]
*At the time of income and expenditure data addition, I revise it to choose the date of the last time or a date of the day automatically.
*I revise it so that a screen does not turn with some screens.
*I add an About screen.