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*iPhone/iPod touch/iPad App

Good Luck for Gambler
  iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

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"Good Luck for Gambler" is the general gamble random number lottery application that can draw lots with the random number of every gamble.

When I want to cling to something when I do not prove right even if I do it, how will about what for a test of luck?
But the use of this application will make play degree.^^;

You choose a favorite category, kind and only let a random number draw lots afterward.
Because freedom can choose the number that wants to let you draw lots, you can let you draw lots after squeezing eyes by oneself to some extent.

As a matter of course, there is not the guarantee to prove right at all.
Good Luck!

[function list]
* Random number lottery
A category: Horse racing, Boat race, Bicycle race, Auto race, Lottery, Casino
A kind: Win, Place, Bracket Quinella, Bracket Exacta, Quinella, Quinella Place, Exacta, Trio, Trifecta, Win5(Pick5), Win7(Pick7)
Kind for public lottery: Loto 6, Mini Loto, Numbers 4, Numbers 3, MY LOTO(original setting)
Kind for casino: Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Keno
* Log
The past 100 random number lottery histories
* Settings
All initial number choice
Random number lottery time
Automatic rotation
The horse racing maximum number
The my lot maximum number
The number of my lot choice
The number of the keno choice

Screen images of "Good Luck for Gambler" for iPhone/iPod touch


Hourse Race

Boat Race

Bicycle Race

Auto Race




Good luck!




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