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*iPhone/iPod touch/iPad App

KeiBa Internet Bet System@Central
  iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

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"KeiBa Internet Bet System@Central" is an application program that can buy the betting-ticket for the JRA IPAT user.

- 1: It is possible to use it only for the JRA IPAT user.

- 2: It is possible not to be able to vote normally by the system change on an official side and the trouble etc. of this application program when this application program is used.

- 3: The deposits and withdrawals function is confirmed only in Rakuten (e-bank) bank.

All processes from payment to the PAT account to the purchase of the betting-ticket can be operated easily and conveniently.
And it can manage the plural (5 at the maximum) PAT accounts. In the betting-ticket vote input, easiness to use is valued only by choosing bracket/exacta by touch corresponding to all the methods.

* Bet
Betting-ticket vote
WIN5(perfection select) vote
Important news
Holding outline
Race information (race card)
Changed from a vote screen to an odds screen *Money
Deposit Instructions
Withdrawal Instructions
* Inquiry
Balance Inquiry(Today)
Latest bet contents
Bet contents(Today)
Bet contents(Yesterday)
* Settings
Authentication(5 account at the maximum)
A password lock
An automatic rotation

Deficient information
* It is not handled by the operation such as receipt of money instructions normally. (It is scheduled to be solved by version 1.4 )
* It becomes impossible to display the vote content reference by the IPAT specification change. (It was solved with Version 1.3)
* If I do it with vote input screens to the side and will input numerical value, there is the thing that application forces it and is finished.

An Important Notice
When a frame ream is usual, I cannot choose the snake eyes of frames with a vote input screen.
Please choose it as formation or quinella.  
Screen images of "KeiBa Internet Bet System@Central" for iPhone/iPod touch


Race selection

Details of race

Bet Input1

Bet Input2

Bet Input3

Confirm Buy





App Store
Version information
Version 1.8[2012.11.15]
-I change application name and icon.
-It supports 4 inches of displays.

Version 1.7[2012.10.30]
* I improved a performance at the time of the vote input

Version 1.6[2012.9.27]
* I corrected the fault of the memory leak

Version 1.5[2011.9.15]
* WIN5(perfection select) vote function addition

Version 1.4[2011.5.15]
* I revise the malfunction that is not handled by the operation such as deposit instructions normally.

Version 1.3[2011.05.06]
* It is revised the problem that vote contents inquiry cannot display by IPAT specifications change.

Version 1.2[2011.02.11]
* It functions so that it is changed from a bet input screen to an odds screen of PAT and adds it.
* It functions to be able to manage the plural (5 at the maximum) PAT accounts and adds it.
* It functions to be able to set an automatic rotation (portrait/landscape) and adds it.
* With a bet input screen, I revise only some light movement at the time of the horse number choice.
* I revise it so that application do not down at the time of Internet non-connection.

Version 1.1[2011.01.06]
* I revised it not to be able to choose the cancellation horse in a race to need a cancellation horse.
* I revised race card is displayed normally.
* I revised vote contents introduction is displayed normally.