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About the import data

Please make data according to the following data format when you importing do the data of other systems etc.
Attention: Please make the character-code UTF-8(Unicode).  
Import Data Format
Item name Description Example
BALANCE ID Ten digit fixation 0000000001
date YYYYMMDD:Eight digit fixation 20100909
Kind name The name set on a set screen is set. Casino
BET Figure (The decimal point is contained). 100.0
REFUND Figure (The decimal point is contained). 300.0
Memo Changing line is set as <br>. abcdef
SettingMemo1 osaka
SettingMemo2 Fine
SettingMemo3 Hot dog
SettingMemo4 Pizza
SettingMemo5 sushi
SettingMemo6 Joker
SettingMemo7 Boxer
SettingMemo8 Check shirt
SettingMemo9 Jeans
SettingMemo10 Nike
Image File Name Only when the import is done, the export data is set. /var/mobile/Applications/113F16D2-EDE1-4EE0-80E5-08194C44597A/Documents/0000000001.jpg
Download sample data